Spin-Ion Technologies is dedicated to solving the material engineering problems of today’s MRAM. To meet these goals, Spin-Ion technologies is developing a new manufacturing process based on light ion beam treatment to enhance at the atomic scale the structural quality of ultra-thin MRAM materials and improve their performance.

Spin-Ion Technologies is collaborating with world leaders to incorporate its solution into the manufacturing chain by offering ion beam technology and dedicated integrated process equipment.

As IP supplier, Spin-Ion technologies’ breakthrough offers to industry a unique chance to bring MRAM to the next generation of higher density magnetic memories.


Jean-Baptiste Lahitte - CEO, Co-Founder

Jean-Baptiste is an expert in data centers and holds a master's degree in IT. He has been working for 7 years for SFR Business as an IT architect and has a strong knowledge in STaaS solutions (STorage as a Service).

Dafiné Ravelosona - CTO/CSO, Co-Founder

Dafiné holds a PhD in physics and is the inventor of the technology. He is known as worldwide expert in spintronics. He also worked for 2 years in the HDD research center of Hitachi GST and is currently group leader at CNRS. He also studied entrepreneurship at HEC Paris and launched the start-up company SILTENE in 2012.

Alexandre Steiner - Board Director, Co-Founder

Alexandre is an experienced business driver, performing in international environments with market flair and strong grasp of the High Tech, Telecom, Media and IT markets dynamics.

Corina Numbela - Sales Manager, Co-Founder

Corina has lived and worked in the Silicon Valley as a freelance business and marketing developer for French based companies. She has contributed to launch new products. She is an experienced sales developer who has been involved in the development of several startup companies in international environments (France, US, Spain, China).

Advisory Board

Andrew Kent

Co-founder of Spin-Transfer Technology (USA)

Russell Cowburn

CEO of Durham Magneto Optics Ltd and former CSO of Ingenia Technology Ltd (GB)

Eric Fullerton

Former leader at IBM and Hitachi GST (USA)