Dafiné Ravelosona Ramasitera our CTO was invited to the PEPR SPIN event for a round-table discussion, showcasing Spin-Ion’s technology and its essential role in shaping the future of spintronics. This program from #France2030 will leverage a broad ecosystem of university and industry partners and promote European synergies. The goal is to contribute to the competitiveness and sovereignty of Europe in the new technologies of the digital transition.

The national research program PEPR SPIN was officially launched in Grenoble on January 29, 2024. With a budget of €38.13 million over eight years, this ambitious program focuses on spintronic innovations for a more frugal, agile, and sustainable digital future. Led by CEA and CNRS – Centre national de la recherche scientifique, who provide the national strategic vision.

The day was marked by the presence of renowned speakers. The sharing of their knowledge and experiences truly enriched our discussions, imparting exceptional value to this unforgettable day.

Albert Fert, Marko ErmanAlain SchuhlAnne-Isabelle EtienvreBernard DIENYJeff ChildressIsabelle SAGNESVictoire de MargerieJean-rené LèquepeysDafiné Ravelosona Ramasitera

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A big thanks and congratulations to program directors Lucian Prejbeanu and Vincent Cros