Spin-ion Technologies is thrilled to contribute to the latest publication by Cristina Balan, now available in Small

This work demonstrates the efficient tuning of anisotropy in Pt/Co/AlOx films using He+ irradiation, without affecting the saturation magnetization nor DMI. This advancement enables more efficient domain wall motion and potential stabilization of skyrmions, paving the way for next-generation spintronic devices.

The He+ irradiation was performed with the Helium-S implanter developed by Spin-Ion Technologies to improve the magnetic properties of thin films at the atomic scale. Special thanks to our academic partners at Institut Néel CNRS, C2N, Universidade Federal do Paraná, and Laboratoire de Physique des Solides for their collaboration.

It is worth mentioning that this work is part of the European MagnEFi project, with contribution from our former PhD student Gyan van der Jagt.

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